Hoppun is a snowy white denizen with three main round body segments. Its head has two tall, rounded ears and a face consisting of two shiny, green eyes and a pink, triangular mouth. Its middle segment has three shiny, green orbs arranged in a column down the middle and arms culminating in large, clawed hands. A bouncy, partially translucent, green orb makes up the bottom segment.


As a post-metamorphosis denizen, Hoppun does not spawn. Instead, it will metamorphosize from Bouncebun when under the correct conditions. Hoppun is the final stage of its metamorphic line.


Hoppun are found primarily on land but have been known to venture into shallow liquid habitats such as pools and streams. They engage in play by splashing and hopping, or simply sit back and soak. Hoppun are also found temporarily in the air when mid-jump.


Hoppun's springy bottom segments are far larger than those found on its prior form, Bouncebun. This difference enables Hoppun to bounce high into the air and survey things from above before crashing back down in a plume of snow. It is difficult for these denizens to remain still for very long.