Terrafin is a small crystalline turtle-like denizen with a faceted gemstone shell and a pointed snout. It has wide, tapered flippers, a long neck that is mostly covered by the tip of its shell, and a very short tail that does not stick out beyond its shell.


Terrafin spawns primarily in and around water. It is not known to metamorphosize.


Terrafin spend the majority of their time in small ponds of water, though they prefer to have enough room and depth to swim around. Occasionally they have been found in the larger lakes. While not very swift or sure-footed on land, they are capable of making the trek from one source of water to another and have been observed to willingly spend time on solid ground alongside their usual watery habitats.


Terrafin are mostly found lazing about on crystals sticking up out of the water or lounging on the shore just beside their pond. In the water, they paddle along in an unhurried nature but they can swim very swiftly when given the incentive. They have also been witnessed diving to the bottom of deep ponds and lakes. It is unknown whether this is a form of play or if there is something down there that is attracting them.