4'2" with neck fully extended


Syesnap is a long-necked denizen with a teal, hexagonal crystal for a face. It has six forked spokes coming from the corners of its face. Its neck is metallic and segmented and connects to a teal crystal base. The base has four metallic, forked spokes coming out of it. It has two dot eyes and a pink, diamond-shaped mouth.


Syesnap spawns exclusively on land and not in water. In most cases, it spawns in places with easy to navigate terrain that lacks large, jutting crystals or other obstacles. It is not known to metamorphosize.


Syesnap have only small spokes for locomotion which make movement difficult. They tend to be found where the floor is most even and consists of small, clustered crystals without any pits or dips for them to get stuck in.


Syesnap often approach and caress other denizens and Charmers with the spokes on their face. It is believed that this is a way for them to gain information about the other organism such as where they have recently been. They are thought to use this ability to keep track of the state of the world around them, as their restricted mobility makes it difficult for them to see for themselves. Syesnap have also been seen performing this behavior on the walls of Quartzworld, though it is unknown what information they could be percieving in this case.