Zone: Quartzworld
Height: 2'7"
Appearance: Quartzlet are small denizens resembling quartz crystals. It has a square body with a triangular point on top. It has three pointy metallic legs attached to the bottom of its crystal body. It has two vertical line-like eyes located on its body.
Lifecycle: Quartzlet can spawn in any area where there is sufficient room. It has a fairly common spawnrate, possibly to keep in its numbers in balance with its two metamorphoses. Quartzlet will metamorphosize into Rhineshine under the correct conditions. Its metamorphosis can be recognized by the unfurling of its crystal's faces, allowing it to assume a larger appearance.
Habitat: Quartzlet are very versatile and can be found carefully picking their way through nearly any environment in Quartzworld. However, they typically avoid water pools deeper than they are tall, and they struggle with very steep inclines.