• Croakarry
  • Croakarry with mouth open







Croakarry is a bulky denizen with a rectangular box-like body made of hard blue crystal. It has two triangle-shaped wedges protruding upwards from the back of its body. It has eyes shaped like vertical lines on the front of the triangular wedges. The top of its body opens as a hinged mouth, with a sharp top row of teeth. It has two feet, the bottoms of which are covered in short spikes.


As a post-metamorphosis denizen, Croakarry does not spawn. Instead, it will metamorphosize from Rodpole when under the correct conditions. Croakarry is the final stage of its metamorphic line.


Croakarry are commonly found visiting water sources, as they tend to provide Rodpole transportation from one pond to another in their hollow, box-like bodies. On their own, they will often be found high up the cave walls, taking advantage of the additional grip the spikes on their feet afford them.


Croakarry will swallow water to keep in their chest cavities. They do this in order to carry Rodpole comfortably from pool to pool. It is theorized that the reason for these denizens' protective demeanor towards their pre-metamorphic form is due to Rodpole's lack of mobility outside of the water, as few other denizens seem to care for their pre-metamorphic forms in this fashion. Sometimes, lilypads are found in Croakarry's chests. The source of the lilypads is unknown, as no plantlife or seeds have been found in Quartzworld.