The zone of Patchwarp is comprised of the body of some mammoth being, suspended in a dusky void. The being is not alive, and may have never been, as it is made entirely of stitched fabric and soft woolly textiles. The outside "skin" of its body is a multi-color patchworked quilt of soft but sturdy fabric. It has its own gravitational pull, so those that walk around on the outside do not fall off. There are various nooks and crannies on the outside where denizens can hide, and there are hidden entrances to the inside of the zone dotted throughout.

The inside of the zone consists of organic-appearing tunnels, with some larger cavities. They are made of soft, spongy wool, resembling tissue from inside the body. Nested in the walls are thin vein-like threads and larger pieces of yarn resembling arteries. Nothing akin to bones have been found, but in some areas plush-like organs have been discovered. None of these textile-based body parts are functional and could best be compared to a humongous and confusing anatomical model made entirely out of wool, fabric, and various other textile art goods. The internal anatomy of the zone does not match any known creature, though there is speculation that it could potentially be functional, were it to be somehow animated.