2 feet


Tanglit has a long, thin, metallic head with a sharp point on one end and a long, narrow hole on the other. Its eyes are located on the sides of its head closer to the pointed end. Its body is a tangled mass of purple thread which has been threaded through the hole at the far end of its head. It has two legs made of single purple threads that tangle heavily at the ends, forming feet.


Tanglit is a variant of Neetel. If a Neetel's thread gets tangled up to the extent that it cannot unknot itself, it becomes a Tanglit. Tanglit does not metamorphosize.


Tanglit are found throughout Patchwarp. Their tangled thread prevents them from tunneling through the terrain so they end up stranded wherever they originally became a Tanglit.


Despite being unable to travel in the ways they once did, Tanglit are typically able to adapt quite well to their new circumstances. Tanglit often end up decorating their new homes with pieces of craft supplies they scavenge from the zone. The lodgings of a Tanglit may be recognized by the various odds and ends that they embedded in the walls.