Spindleer is a tall denizen comprised of orange, red, and purple yarn with part of a narrow reel sticking out of the top of its head. Its body is wound vertically around the reel with it forming two somewhat distinct lumps for its head and body. It uses two loose pieces of yarn as arms. Its eyes have a somewhat tearful appearance and are comprised of hollow impressions in the yarn with oblong wooden beads for pupils.


As a post-metamorphosis denizen, Spindleer does not spawn. Instead, it will metamorphosize from Spoolish when under the correct conditions. Spindleer is the final stage of its metamorphic line.


Splindleer tend to be slightly more withdrawn that their previous form. They show a preference for less populated and trafficked areas of Patchwarp. Most frequently this means the more secluded interior tunnels but they have been found in peacefully empty outer quilt locations as well.


Splindleer generally seem to have an inclination towards wariness of their surroundings. Instead of getting close to things, they prefer to investigate from afar. Their yarn arms seem able to unspool near-indefinitely for this purpose. Some Charmers have reported being gently tapped or poked by these arms with no actual Spindleer in sight.