2 feet


Neetel has a long, thin, metallic head with a sharp point on one end and a long, narrow hole on the other. Its eyes are located on the sides of its head closer to the pointed end. Its body is made up of red thread which has been threaded through the hole at the far end of its head. It has two legs made of loops of red thread.


Neetel spawns throughout Patchwarp. It is not known to metamorphosize.


Neetel are found throughout Patchwarp. They can easily burrow through the quilted and soft fabric layers of the zone and emerge on the other side. Because of this, they are found in plentiful numbers in both the exterior and interior portions of the zone.


Neetel are able to dart in and out of the fabric surface of Patchwarp and frequently travel the zone in this way. It is not uncommon to see a pack of Neetel glinting on the horizon as they weave their way across the surface of Patchwarp.