Mascoup is a faded pink denizen with a large rounded head with two round, stitched-on, purple ears. It has a fabric face with an orange-ish, oblong nose and a flat, open mouth. Its pupils are dark mesh. The rest of its body is a dissembled pile of fabric full of ripped seams and escaping tufts of stuffing.


Mascoup spawns exclusively within Patchwarp's deeper internal caverns. It is not known to metamorphosize.


Mascoup are found mostly deep within Patchwarp. They do not seem to have a preference between larger caverns and the narrower tunnels. However, tunnels leading to the surface and the surface itself seem to be avoided. They crawl along the ground slowly, but at a very steady pace, so it's easy to get surprised by their progress if you turn your back to them.


Mascoup seem to have an outgoing disposition as they tend to be attracted to the sound of voices or movement. They have been known to follow Charmers for great distances through Patchwarp, with their slower movement speed meaning that the Charmer may be unaware of their tail until they stop to rest and allow the Mascoup to catch up.