Pagebound consists of a lavishly decorated mansion with a labyrinthine layout. The rooms of the mansion are 3-dimensional, but their contents are flat, like cutouts in a popup book. Objects within Pagebound can be picked up and interacted with, though they are difficult to grip due to their paper-like thinness. The objects retain the texture and firmness that would be expected of 3-dimensional versions of themselves, withholding their integrity in a gravity-defying manner. The mansion is dimly lit by flickering light from sconces on the walls and candelabras hanging from the ceiling. Despite illuminating their surroundings as if they held candles, the sconces and candelabras are empty. It is unclear how they are producing the light, which emanates from where the candles would be were they present. The mansion is furnished primarily with bookshelves and writing desks, as well as the occasional reading chair. There is a distinct lack of items relating to bodily needs like food or sleep. Ornate rugs and empty picture frames can be found on the floors and walls respectively.

Windows in Pagebound are rare and in all cases only look out upon more of the same hallways and rooms. It has been considered unlikely for there to be an "outside" to the zone's structure. The rooms vary considerably in size, ranging from small offices and study rooms to long halls lined with empty portraits and sconces. The rooms may feed openly from one into another, or be separated by doors, lattice dividers, or staircases. The floor is comprised of dark wood in the majority of the zone, though in some places the floor seems to be made up of layered paper instead.