• Creasecross
  • Creasecross with face unfolded







Creasecross is a cream-colored denizen with the appearance of folded paper. Its head is folded in many places and resembles a flat version of a folded fortune teller game. It has two pointy folds that stick up like ears. The middle of its head can unfold to reveal a drawn-on face in the center. It has two long, droopy arms folded into shallow scoop shapes. Its torso is flat with some visible fold lines. Its legs are flat, tall rectangles with firm creases allowing them to bend.


Creasecross spawns in rooms with paper floors. It is not known to metamorphosize.


Creasecross typically have a very limited range which they spend their time in, most often consisting of only a couple rooms. They prefer rooms with paper floors. Often they are found hunched in corners, positioned away from doors and entryways.


Creasecross' faces are hidden under their creased folds. They unfold and refold their faces in complex patterns, seemingly as a form of play. Creasecross may pick up favored folding patterns from other Creasecross.