Highspire is an open sky filled with many tall towers. The towers are so tall that neither the bottoms nor the tops of them can be seen. Despite this, from the shape of the visible portions of the towers, it can be intuited that the towers are cylindrical at the base and are slowly tapering up into a single point. There are narrow bridge-like walkways that connect the towers to each other. The outsides of the towers are rough and similar to a seashells in appearance and texture. There are window-sized holes dotting the towers. Wisps of clouds can be found in the sky and bunching around the towers. The towers have spines protruding from them at an upward angle. The protrusions are made of the same rough, rocky, seashell material as the rest of the tower.

There are many floors inside the towers, each connecting to the ones above and below with worn spiral staircases carved out of the rock. The insides of the towers are dusty and worn, in some places you may find rubble and random debris or, if you're lucky, partially intact decorative wall tiles and murals. The tiles and murals typically depict generic nature scenes. The lower in the tower a floor is, the wider its circumference. Because of this, it was hypotheized that the towers might be finite in height, as eventually as one got high enough up, the floors would taper away into nothing. However, in the light of deeper exploration it was discovered that there is a "cap" to how wide or thin each floor may be. After journeying far enough upwards or down to reach that cap, the floor above or below the previous floor will always remain the same width as the previous floor.