1'1", 1'9" including tag


Cupport is a small, dingy green denizen with four tiny legs and a stringlike tail with a triangular tag at the end. Its body is covered by an upside down teacup with only its legs and tail being visible. It has two yellow eyes seen through the teacup and whiskers at its front.


The locations where Cupport spawns are currently unknown. It is believed that these spawn locations are also where it would get its teaware as even a recently spawned Cupport has never been seen without its cup. A Cupport that selects a teapot as its vessel becomes a Teabris instead. Cupport does not metamorphosize.


Cupport are found wherever the ground in Gar-land is relatively even and flat. Steeper territory would cause the heavier cups on their backs to set them off balance or even cause the cups to go tumbling away.


It has been found that the teacups over Cupport's bodies are not actually a part of them. It is unknown where these cups are sourced from, but Cupport take great pride in them and will try their hardest to avoid getting them chipped or dirtied.