4'5" including horns


Tulletip is a denizen with an angular, grey, metallic head with curved horns on the sides. The base of the horns are attached to the head with studded rings of metal. It has two large, blocky eyes and a small, triangular mouth. Its body consists of four soft, ribbon-like arms tied in a bow attached at the bottom of its head.


Tulletip spawns within Chainreap's blanket tents. Tulletip is not known to metamorphosize.


Tulletip are a rarely observed species of denizen that spend much of their time hiding within blanket tents or close to the walls in Chainreap. Like Zeitghost, they must take care to avoid getting their long fabric arms caught in the zone's machinery, and often avoid those areas altogether.


The soft, silky fabric that makes up Tulletip's arms wields deceptive strength. They are known to bend metal bars with ease and tie them into knots. The reasoning for this behavior is unknown, but seems to hold some aesthetic value to the denizens as Tulletip have been seen admiring their work after completion.