4 inches


Schulmin is a tiny, silvery denizen with a liquid metal body. It is shaped like a simple fish with a single gill slit on each side of its body and a forked tail fin. It lacks any pectoral or dorsal fins. Its eyes are round, red, and highly reflective.


Schulmin seems to spawn within metal surfaces. New Schulmin have been observed emerging from inside metal railings and beams where there hadn't been any previously. It is not known to metamorphosize.


Schulmin are found within the metal surfaces throughout Chainreap. They have a preference for railings, which work perfectly as small, interconnected pathways used only by them.


Schulmin are able to "swim" through metal surfaces, an ability that has undergone much study and little illumination. A theory has been proposed that their bodies are in fact becoming liquid metal and temporarily merging with the metal in their environment but it has not been proven. They often travel in groups, leaping and darting in and out of metal surfaces in synchronized motions.