Pointress' body consists of the top half of a white, plastic-like sphere. It has two large, yellow eyes with horizontal pupils. The bottom of its body is wrapped in a metal casing with a bolt securing it in place. Four long chains are affixed to the bottom of its body. At the end of each chain are yellow, humanoid hands with their index fingers pointing towards the ground and the rest of their fingers and thumbs tucked in. The hands are comprised of a plastic-like material that is similar to that found on their main body.


As a post-metamorphosis denizen, Pointress does not spawn. Instead, it will metamorphosize from Dufo when under the correct conditions. Pointress will eventually metaphorize again into Duffal, once enough time has passed and the correct conditions are met. Its metamorphosis can be recognized by the absorption of two of its chain arms and the growth of a sheet covering its lower body.


Pointress are found throughout Chainreap's walkways and platforms. They are able to climb upwards by wrapping their chains around ladder rungs and pulling themselves up. Because of this, Pointress are more likely to be found on higher walkways than Dufo.


Pointress use touch as their foremost form of interaction with the world around them. When mildly interested in something they may poke it with one of their pointer fingers. However, when they find something they wish to investigate in earnest, it will be surrounded by gently prodding fingers on all sides. Smaller denizens may struggle to find their way out of this onslaught until the Pointress' attention moves on.