2'8", 3'1" with legs fully extended


Perpup is a denizen with a white, sheet-like fabric body. It is rather formless with two medium-length, rounded ears that point upwards from the raised end of the sheet. It has a face consisting of two dot-like eyes and a smiling mouth with its tongue sticking out. Two metal claws are attached to chains coming from the lower end of the sheet at the back. It holds these claws below the raised front end of its body, causing them to appear like front claws.


Perpup spawns inside Chainreap's blanket tents. Perpup will metamorphosize into Riffruff under the correct conditions. Its metamorphosis can be recognized by the darkening of its body color and merging of its eyes as well as the growth of two additional legs, the lengthening of its ears, and the softening of its paw shape.


Perpup favor the blanket tents of Chainreap though they can be found anywhere throughout the zone. Their ability to float allows for faster and more direct traversal of the zone compared to denizens that rely on the catwalks to get around.


Perpup seem to display some degree of reverence towards their metamorphized form, Riffruff. They have been observed to follow them around and attempt to mirror their behaviors.