Hauntop is a massive denizen with a white, sheet-like fabric body. It has a round head that is separated from the rest of its body by a grooved metal collar. It has a tall point on the top of its head. It has two closed eyes, a smiling mouth, and two pink circles resembling blush for its face. The rest of its body is suspended from its collar like a giant tent. Two large metal claws are connected to its collar by dual floating chains.


As a post-metamorphosis denizen, Hauntop does not spawn. Instead, it will metamorphosize from Zeitghost when under the correct conditions. Hauntop is the final stage of its metamorphic line.


Hauntop can only be found on the very widest of Chainreap's walkways, as it is the only place they fit. They are able to use their massive claws to pull themselves through the air by grabbing onto platforms, and relocate to new areas using this method.


Hauntop are so large that their bodies have been known to serve as a tent for other denizens to hide and play under. They seem to be aware of and encourage this, taking care to avoid crushing the smaller denizens under their claws.