Dufo is a small, round, white denizen with a plastic-like appearance. It has two large, yellow eyes with horizontal pupils. The bottom half of its body is wrapped in white, loosely pleated, fabric-like material. Beneath the fabric, two stubby, white legs comprised of the same plastic-like material as the main body are visible.


Dufo spawns on Chainreap's elevated walkways. Dufo will metamorphosize into Pointress under the correct conditions. Its metamorphosis can be recognized the absorption of its lower "skirt" and the growth of four chain arms with pointing hands on the ends.


Dufo are found on Chainreap's walkways, as well as occasionally inside the fabric tents found throughout the zone. They are able to float just slightly above the ground but lack the ability to propel themselves higher. They are able to float down to lower walkways but have difficulty getting back up on their own as they cannot climb ladders.


Dufo lack the power to float more than slightly above the ground, causing their fabric "skirts" to brush against the floor as they hover from place to place. One can tell where a Dufo has been recently by the trail of shiny, dust-free floor left behind.