Duffal's body is draped in long, white, fabric-like material. The top of its head is rounded and hard, with glowing, yellow eyes that show through the draped covering. The rest of the sheet appears loose and based on the sounds that Duffal makes when it moves, likely only has clanking lengths of chain underneath. Poking out from the bottom of the sheet are two plasticky, yellow, humanoid hands with their index fingers pointing towards the ground and the rest of their fingers and thumbs tucked in.


As a post-metamorphosis denizen, Duffal does not spawn. Instead, it will metamorphosize from Pointress when under the correct conditions. Duffal is the final stage of its metamorphic line.


Duffal are found throughout Chainreap's walkways and platforms. They move as if suspended from above, with the tips of their pointer fingers just barely touching the ground. Despite this, they mime walking on their fingers. To reach higher or lower platforms, they move straight up and down as though they were caught in a tractor beam.


Duffal's eyes glow brightly like spotlights. As they travel through the zone, the lights cast by their gazes sweep around as if searching for something. Their movements are highly thorough and feel reminiscent of a patrol route.