Cableier's body is made up of many electrical cables wound around a luminous green core. Various cables peel off from the main coil to function as limbs. Its head is a metal box that appears to be a device with an unknown function. It has a large red sensor on the front, which is offset to the left and on its right side are two raised buttons.


Cableier spawns near and within cabinets and storage areas which are usually located by machinery on the walkways. Occasionally storage spaces will be built directly into walls. Cableier is not known to metamorphosize.


Cableier enjoy tight spaces and often nestle themselves inside of cabinets and miscellaneous storage equipment found within Chainreap. When not tucked away, they are able to climb on the catwalks and ladders using their many cables.


Cableier's bodies are very versatile and can assume many different shapes suited for different activities depending on the positions they hold their cables in. At rest, they tend to stand tall and still but in motion they may stretch out their cables in all directions. They can fit into any nearly space so long as there is room for their head and core.