At first glance, Cleankeep has an astonishingly human appearance. It appears to be a typical suburban cul de sac; an outdated architectural choice for Charmer City and its surroundings areas, but fairly ordinary all the same. The first difference of major note is the approximately 14 inches of pure rainwater flooding the entire neighborhood. The rainwater is cool in temperature and does not seem to interact with other substances such as dirt or grass. Not only does it not pick up specks of dirt or grass blades as water normally would when running over stray, loose debris, it also does not form any mud when combined with dirt. Additionally, Cleankeep exhibits the same characteristic infiniteness of other zones and the cul de sacs loop off into further, identical neighborhoods. The zone has numerous street signs strewn about, though their placement seems more random than influenced by any flow of hypothetical traffic. There are also powerlines that connect to the houses but they appear to be inert. The sky of the zone is an overcast grey though no specific clouds can be made out. Despite the omnipresent rainwater, there has never been any recorded rain. In some places, large "fountains" or pillars of rainwater have been witnessed. These landmarks are infrequent but consist of a large plume of water rising up from the flood, as if it were being brought forth from a fountain but lacking in any foundation or source.

The dwellings are multistory and furnished, but lack any sign of life. There are beds, tables, chairs, bookshelves, televisions, and anything else you might consider "standard" in this manner of home, but no personal keepsakes or signs of any of the appliances being used. In fact, despite being plugged into the wall, all appliances are nonfunctional when switched on, including light switches. The pipe systems do seem to be intact and engaging them results in them running the same clear rainwater as outside. The temperature does not vary regardless of whether the faucet indicates it as hot or cold. Charmers have attempted to boil the water using portable heating sources but even at a boil the temperature remains the same.